• What is the Agape Apostolic Equipping and Training Center (AAETC)?

    The AAETC is an online school focused on equipping believers to advance the kingdom of heaven through the power of the Holy Spirit. We desire to see Jesus exalted, to see the nations come into knowledge of him, and to see followers of Jesus living a supernatural lifestyle that testifies to his kingship and authority. We focus on Identity, the Love of the Father, Prophecy, Physical Healing, Emotional Healing, Deliverance, Kingdom Lifestyle and Empowerment. We also have a leadership track in development. More details to come.

  • How is the AAETC Structured?

    The AAETC has multiple Levels. Each level is like a typical U.S. academic year that runs for about 9 months and is broken up into three Terms (Terms 1, 2, 3). For Level 1, Term 1 focuses on the Identity, the Love of God, Prophecy, Physical Healing, and Kingdom Lifestyle. Term 2 builds on these foundations but introduces emotional healing, deliverance, and how they connect to the concepts of the first term. Term 3 builds on Terms 1 & 2. We run Level 1 starting three times per year - Fall (September), Winter (January), and Spring (April).

  • Is this a timed school or go at your own pace? For how long do I have access to the content?

    The AAETC is a timed school that follows a weekly schedule, much like an in-person school. Access to the content expires at the end of each term.

  • Is the content asynchronous teaching or synchronous teaching?

    The content is asynchronous, although students will be assigned a facilitator that guides them through the coursework. Learning videos are pre-recorded, so you can watch them when it best accommodates your schedule.

  • What is the difference between Level 1 and Level 1A?

    Level 1 and Level 1A both feature the same content, but Level 1 is 12 weeks, and Level 1A is 22 weeks. Level 1 features 10 units of content that are each spread out over the course of one week, giving the student one week to complete the videos, assigned reading, and homework. There is a 1 week mid-term break after week 5. These 11 weeks are followed by a 12th week where students complete a final paper. We estimate this to take roughly 10-12 hours per week. Level 1A features the same 10 units of content, but each unit is spread out over two weeks in order to give the student more time to complete it. It is designed for people that are especially busy and/or need more flexibility in their schedule. We estimate it will take roughly 5-7 hours per week.

  • How much does the AAETC Cost?

    Level 1 consists of three terms, and each term costs $700, for a total of $2100 for all of Level 1. Students have the option to pay per term or pay for the entire program upfront. If you pay per term, we also offer the ability to split the $700 payment into two payments over two months. The cost of books is not included in this number. The application includes a $50 fee, but we include that in the cost of tuition for Term 1. So term 1 is the $50 application fee + $650 tuition, and Terms 2 & 3 cost $700 each.

  • What are the application requirements?

    In addition to the questions in the application, we require students to submit both a pastoral and personal letter of recommendation. There is also a $50 application fee that is included in the cost of tuition.

  • Where can I find the Pastoral Reference form?


  • Where can I find the Personal Reference form?


More Questions?

Please reach out to info@agapeapostoliccenter.org if you have more specific inquiries, and one of our staff will respond as soon as possible!