Step into leading powerful, apostolic teams.

Receive powerful leadership tools to help you and your team grow personally and collectively.

Learn how to build healthy, high functioning teams united by key core values. 

Make disciples that make disciples.

Leave a legacy that reaches far beyond your generation.

What does the Leadership Track Include?

  • Leadership and team building tools developed by coaches, leaders, teachers, and pastors who have spent thousands of dollars obtaining degrees and certifications, all for a fraction of the price.

  • Training and equipping to use these leadership tools in conjunction with healing to get healthy, raise up healthy leaders, and build high-functioning teams.

  • Rich, Biblical, and practical teaching to equip you for raising disciples, reaching the next generations, and stewarding revival.

  • Personalized feedback and coaching from a dedicated facilitator on message preparation and ministry team building.

A Word from Joanne Moody on Level 2

The dynamic united approach to activating students with biblically based teachings and a deepening partnership with the Holy Spirit is emphasized in year two. LIFE principal areas are carried throughout the second year. Through the LIFE principals, Year 2 will also focus on in depth teaching and activation in leadership, discipleship and building influential Kingdom teams that run as a family on the mission of Jesus. The curriculum is robust, and each student will be directed to build leadership, discipleship and team building materials based on their area of interest in ministry or marketplace. These materials—unique to each student are compiled to present a comprehensive training manual containing a complete apostolic training program the student is confident to use as they step into their destiny. At the completion of year two, the student is ready to confidently teach, train, equip and activate those around them to unite a powerful Kingdom team family to shift the culture and present the love, power, authority of Jesus in an irresistible way.

Prerequisites: Year 1. 

Reach out to our team for more information or to see if you qualify for moving straight into the leadership track.

Tuition & Application Process

The tuition cost for the AAETC is:

Year 2: $899 per Term (Year 2 is 3 Terms)

Tuition is paid per term, and it can be paid monthly over the course of the term or all at once. If paying all at once, tuition must be paid before the start of each term by the date specified in the AAETC Acceptance Letter.

No references are required for those entering Year 2.